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How to Build a Content Subscription Platform Like OnlyFans

How to Build a Content Subscription Platform Like OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a content sharing platform that is popular in the adult entertainment industry. Creators can use it to offer exclusive content like images and videos to members and even chat with them one-on-one for a price. With over 85 million users, OnlyFans is a platform where most adult content creators leverage to make a 6-figure income. 

OnlyFans started as a Patreon alternative, another popular membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. Currently, OnlyFans is a popular choice for many content creators, especially adult content creators. However, you can also create a content subscription website like OnlyFans and start making money. 

Why create a subscription platform like OnlyFans?

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to make money by selling adult content, OnlyFans can be a good choice when you are starting out. However, there is a high chance that adult content could be banned on the platform as it did in the past. 

Not just that, OnlyFans charge 20% commissions from the earnings of content creators. OnlyFans solely decide the rules and regulations. Adult content or any other type of content will be banned if the admin decides so. 

If you are an experienced content creator, the best choice is to create a membership website, as it is easier for you to grow and make money. You need not pay a commission for each transaction between you and your users. There is tough competition between new creators and established creators. It is not easy for new creators to succeed on OnlyFans. 

Here are the advantages of starting your own website like OnlyFans. 

Building a community

Find a target audience with like-minded preferences and create a solid bond with them.

Regular revenue: Create a reliable source of revenue as you don't have to pay a transaction fee like in any third-party platform

Content creation without restrictions

Having your own membership website offers the freedom to be creative and come up with fresh ideas without any restrictions. 

Freedom to perform marketing activities

You can perform marketing activities more effectively on your own membership website. You are creating a brand of yourself and have full ownership of the platform. 

How to create a membership platform like OnlyFans?

To build a membership website of your own, you must have a well-made plan and a carefully drafted strategy so that the chances to boost your business are really high. 

Here are some basic things to know before you get started. 

Plan your goals

Before starting your own membership platform, think of the following aspects. What is the purpose of your membership website? What type of content and benefits are you planning to provide to your members? Answering these questions will give an idea to plan your end goals. 

Consider your KPIs

The key performance indicators or KPIs are factors that help track your membership website's progress and success. Your KPIs can be the number of members who have joined your subscription platform, the number of products sold, fan club searches, or anything similar. 

Set clear rules

A community can function properly only with a set of rules. It shapes the guidelines for both creators and members. Though you might not feel the significance of setting rules initially, it helps to create a healthy community. 

Website development approach

The best approach to building and launching a membership site like OnlyFans is using a clone script. This is the easiest way to launch an OnlyFans like platform with a great customer friendly interface without having in-depth technical knowledge. 

Fanso is one such powerful OnlyFans clone that helps you build your membership website from scratch with the customizations you require. You get 100% access to the source code for a one-time price. The ready-to-use software allows businesses to create their own community and monetize their skills. 

Offer unique content

To keep up the interest of your target audience and bring in new members to your fan club like OnlyFans, make sure you offer unique content. Upload your exclusive content, whether it is images, videos, webinars, or any other form of content, depending on your audience's preferences. 

Build relationships with your members

Keep in mind that your audiences are the people you are creating your membership platform for. They expect unique content from your brand and represent the reasons why they love your content and your brand. To grow your community platform, focus on building stronger bonds with your members. Interact and get in touch with your audiences as much as you can.

Promote your membership website

Once the membership platform has been created, it's time to promote your fan club. Leverage a popular social platform to let your audience know about your membership platform and offerings. If you have the email addresses of your most loyal fans, start by sending them email invites. Craft exclusive bonuses for the first members who show interest in your membership platform. 


Creating your own subscription platform is great in many ways; you get the flexibility and freedom to create and market the content the way you like. A subscription website of your own comes with all features that are helpful to generating revenue through several monetization strategies. 

Starting a membership website requires you to make some investment. If you are on a budget, you can consider using an OnlyFans clone script to create your membership site to cut down the costs. 

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