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Best Apps Every Student Should Use

 Modern students can benefit from using various apps and tools to make their education process easier and more productive. But what are the most needed tools for young learners? Which applications are truly useful? Discover the list of the best programs for these purposes right here below. 

Best Apps Every Student Should Use

Google Drive 

Storing all your academic papers, lectures, notes, and other information in a safe and reliable place is crucial for maintaining your academic performance. The reason is that the laptops and particular programs might sometimes have some errors or crashes, so it is better to have a copy of all your documents in a separate place. This simple trick will help you avoid any worries if you accidentally lose your academic paper or any other necessary file.

You can use Google Drive for free to store copies of all your important files. Moreover, you can access your drive using various types of devices, not just your laptop. This easy-to-use application will provide you access to all your files in a matter of seconds, anytime and anywhere. You can share your files with professors or other students using a link to your documents. Google Drive is used at most colleges and universities without any limitations since it is incredibly convenient. However, remember your login and password so as not to lose access to your data. 

Text Editor 

There are dozens of professional text editors with different tools you can choose from. These are expert programs that allow you to add various tables, charts, and diagrams to your texts. It is also easy to modify your writing on the fly. Text editors are incredibly useful for those who have a passion for writing and cope with most types of academic assignments easily.

But what if you are not good at writing? Is there anyone who can write my paper for cheap? This is the most common question asked by thousands of learners. The good news is that you can find a website that provides academic assistance online. However, make sure it has a brilliant reputation if you decide to get some help from professionals.  

My Study Life 

Planning and scheduling should become your daily routine if you want to remain a diligent and successful student. The reason is that most students need to complete dozens of various types of academic assignments with different deadlines, visit all the lectures, and dedicate some time to self-learning. However, keeping in mind all the plans and activities is usually challenging. 

My Study Life is designed to make your learning process easier. You will have a convenient tool to schedule your daily routines, make notes, and sort out even the most confusing issues. You can add your learning schedule to this app in a matter of moments and set up reminders and notifications for the most important events. Most learners believe this app is much more convenient than using a traditional pen and paper. You can easily install it on all the needed devices, including your laptop and smartphone. The app automatically syncs with all of them. 

Dragon Dictation 

Many students are too busy to make notes on their smartphones. Moreover, it is very inconvenient to type anything in your gadget if you are in a hurry or don’t have spare hands. Dragon Dictation was developed to simplify the process of taking notes. Just start talking, and the app will transform all your words into notes. This easy solution will allow you to go digital with no effort. 

All the data stored in the form of the notes in the app can be easily copied and pasted to other applications, including messengers, documents, and emails.  


Students need to complete various types of academic assignments, including essays, term papers, articles, and others. Most of them require adding references to the sources you’ve used when preparing your writing. Typing the book’s title and its authors, as well as transforming this data into a properly formatted citation, is usually overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a much easier way to cope with this challenging task. 

With RefMe, the only thing you need is to scan a barcode of the needed book. After that, choose a formatting style for generating citations. You can select from the most popular options, such as APA, MLA, and Chicago. The application will create a citation for you automatically. 


Learning is never easy. However, there are some applications that can help you remember even the most complicated facts and concepts faster. Quizlet is one of them. The application contains thousands of easy and understandable explanations, tips, and tricks to memorize various types of data. Forget about learning with books; Quizlet offers a much more comfortable and smooth approach to learning. 

The app also allows you to organize your own learning materials in a convenient way. As a result, you will have all the needed data and facts right at hand whenever you need them. 

There are many more useful apps highly valued by young learners. These are reminders, grammar checkers, planners, language learning apps, etc. Feel free to choose any according to your needs. 

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