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What is the Longest Video on YouTube?

 The History of YouTube can be traced back to the early 2000s when it was just an idea in someone's head. Created by three PayPal employees, YouTube quickly became the world's number one video-sharing site. Today, it holds over a billion hours of content from more than one million channels. While this platform has changed how we view content as a whole, what isn't common knowledge is that YouTube also has the longest video on the internet – clocking in at 43 hours and 45 minutes long! Is it worth your time?

Here in this blog we will let you know everything about the Longest Video on YouTube

What is the Longest Video on YouTube

How long can you watch something before it becomes boring?

In a 2013 study, researchers explored how long participants were willing to watch videos before becoming bored. If you're producing videos for your business, knowing what length of video people are most likely to continue watching can help inform your production decisions. To learn more about what makes a video boring, check out How Long Can You Watch Something Before It Becomes Boring?: An Empirical Investigation Based on Eye-Tracking and Gaze Duration.

Tips For Creating A Long-Form Video That People Will Watch

Long-form video is all the rage these days, with famous YouTube stars like Jenna Marbles and Lilly Singh generating millions of views with their deep dives into everything from fashion to relationships. The long-form video allows viewers to go deeper with their favorite creators. But if you're interested in creating a long-form piece of your own, there are some simple things you can do to ensure it attracts an audience. 

First and foremost, your content has to be great—there are no shortcuts here. If people want to watch 10 minutes of you talking about something they don't care about, they can find hundreds of hours of cat videos online—they aren't going to bother sticking around for your long-form piece.

What Makes a Great Long-Form Video

Think back to a video you've watched on Youtube. Chances are, it was pretty short (we're talking less than five minutes). Sure, there are some long-form videos on Youtube—including plenty of TV episodes—but they're rare. And when they do surface, they become big news (Hello, Game of Thrones season finale!). So why aren't there more long-form videos online? Well, it's partly because consumer attention spans are so low. 

According to Nielsen research from 2015, adults spend over 11 hours a day consuming media in all forms — but only about two hours and three minutes of that media time are spent watching TV or live streaming video content.

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The Longest Videos On Youtube

A look at some of the longest videos on Youtube: Real or Fake? What's your favorite video that's over 6 hours long? Which one do you think is fake, and which one is real? Let us know in a comment below! *This post was updated in May 2018*. Longest Videos On Youtube. Please like and subscribe. We are trying to go viral. You can help by sharing my channel link with all your friends. Thanks for watching. Why are these videos so long? Is it something people want to see, or just something they're going along with because they've already invested so much time in watching it? 

How To Create A Great Long Form Business Video

The success of your business depends mainly on how you communicate with others. In today's highly competitive world, a business video can give you an edge over your competitors by making it easier for customers to understand what you do and why they should do business with you. That being said, not every long-form video is created equal. Use these five steps as a guide to creating an amazing long-form video: 

1) Plan 

2) Shoot 

3) Edit

 4) Publish 

5) Repeat. 

A quick note about step three: take your time! It takes time to create something memorable. Longer videos aren't necessarily better videos, so don't stress yourself out trying to make your content perfect. Take pride in inconsistency rather than perfectionism. You might also want to include clips from other companies or people that inspire you and show them doing their thing; use inspirational quotes (make sure they're appropriate); show charts or graphs that back up your points.

The Best Business Videos Are Inspiring and Rewarding to Watch

If you're going to create a video, it better be worth your audience's time. The best business videos are not merely informative—they're inspirational and rewarding to watch. They don't just inform; they also excite, educate, motivate and entertain. After all, people watch videos for all sorts of reasons—and if yours doesn't satisfy them beyond just getting information from it, chances are you won't get their attention for long. Instead of spending hours making a boring PowerPoint presentation (or even an Excel spreadsheet), consider taking those same hours and putting them toward creating an excellent video that will connect with your audience in a meaningful way. It might seem daunting at first, but knowing where to start can make things easier. Just follow these steps, and you'll be producing a kick-ass video in no time: 

• Choose your media 

• Make sure you have a story 

• Shoot

• Edit 

• Upload 

• Distribute 

• Market 

• Measure how well your video did by looking at its performance so far. 

Be sure to measure every step along the way, including what worked and what didn't work. Then adjust accordingly for future videos. Your goal should constantly be improving quality as well as conversion rates:- Satoru Tokushima, Co-Founder of VISO Inc., Japan's leading cloud platform service provider.


Numerous youtube videos claim to be the longest on the site, but no one can confidently say which one holds that record. In May 2010, MSN made a serious effort to determine which video is the longest. As it turns out, the Winnebago Man advertisement for Winnebago RVs—a hilarious, 42-minute, and 20-second clip—became the winner in October of that year.

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