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The Importance of Web Design Usability

 When you look at statistics gathered by UXCam, 39% of people will stop using a site if the images do not load or if the loading time simply takes too long. 85% of adults think that a mobile site should load up at the same time, if not faster than a desktop site. If you run a small business website, then you have to make sure that you do what you can to deliver a good user experience. If you don’t, then you may find that you are not able to reduce your bounce rate and that your site suffers overall.

web design usability

User-Centric Designs

It doesn’t matter at all which artistic direction you decide to take with your site, because you have to make sure that you always think about the end-user. Ease of navigation is a major component when you look at effective website design usability and for this, you need to focus on having things above the fold. If your site attracts seniors, then having a font that is between 12 and 14 will be a huge bonus. If you’re designing your site to be more accessible to those that are colour blind, high contrast colours can grab the attention of key areas you want standing out the most, and aid in your text remaining visible with increased screen brightness.


Believe it or not, the design and the content of your site should be engaging. It should also be accurate and fresh. Only then will you be able to establish credibility. There are many factors that will influence your site credibility, such as using correct grammar and ensuring that there are no spelling mistakes. That being said, you also have to make sure that your font conveys the message of your business. Financial institutions may rely on Arial and Times New Roman but a comic book store may be more likely to use Matisse.

Building Trust

There is a lot of risk involved when you choose to conduct business over the internet. Trust greatly impacts a website and the visitor’s decision to engage. Aesthetics do play a part in shaping the first impression, but if your site is plagued with error messages or broken links, then this will have a huge impact as well. Displaying enough contact information will help to build trust, but if you do not have a good phone number or even an address to make it easier for customers to get in touch with you then you may end up losing out overall.

Customer Satisfaction

The quality of your relationship with your users and how well your website happens to meet their needs will have a huge influence on your bottom line. Website usability testing is usually carried out so that you can find out what a user’s experience is like on a website and the feedback can then be used to implement any required improvements.

So, website design usability is so important and if you can focus on it more often, then you may find that you see more positive results across every metric you use to track your site.


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