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How to Change Your Kik Username? [Detailed Tech Guide 2021]

 Here in this blog you will get to know the ways by following which you can change your Kik Username and Display name. Before proceeding towards further details let us know What is Kik? Founded in 2009 Kik is Canada based messenger which is gaining more popularity for its instant messaging services. With just an email ID on their Android and iOS apps users can easily join it. As every account consist of a username and display names same thing occurs with Kik messenger now the point is how you can change your Kik username and display name. Solution is there with us.

how to change Kik username

Profile names and the usernames are the most important identifiers that help you profile to stand out in public as compared to others. You might be thinking that once you have updated Kik username whether you will be able to change it afterwards or not then yes you can. You can change your Kik username and display name by following our suggested steps. You Before choosing cool Kik username make sure your friends won’t find it much typical to find you on Kik messenger.

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Display name vs Kik Username

• It is not only with Kik but if talking about other social media platforms usernames are essential to search for anyone on social media platform same as with Kik, if you are not aware of the person exact Kik username then you won’t be able to find the person on Kik as you might get thousands of results that really make you confused.

• You can make use of letters, numbers, periods (.) and underscores (_); other special characters in Kik username while you can make use of emojis in Kik Display names.

• Kik Display name will appear on the top of your friend’s chat screen and even in their contact lists.

How to change your Kik display name?

  • Follow the suggested steps to change your Kik display name.
  • Sign in into your Kik messenger app whether through Android or iOS 
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Thereafter Tap on “Your Account”
  • On the next page you can easily change your Kik Display name.

How to change your Kik username?

You might not be aware of the fact that Kik won’t allow users to change the Kik username once the account has been created but don’t to worry you can create another account using another email id and you can use new Kik username over there. As we have already told you that Kik username can’t be change once account has been created so this time be very much focused on creating your Kik username so that you won’t make the same mistake in future.

How to view someone’s username?

You got the message in your chatbox but now you want to know the Kik username of the concerned person then tap on their profile picture choose View Profile option from there. Under the Display name you will be able to see the Kik username of the person in small grey font. Or at the top of the chat option you tap on someone display name and you will be able to see Kik username under that.

By accessing your blocklist you can even find the Kik username of the person that is there in your blocked list by using these steps Settings > Privacy > Block List. Under the display name of the blocked profile Kik username will appear in small grey font.

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How to Change Kik Username? FAQ’s

Can Kik users see my real name?

Kik will never ever share your personal Information. Person can be in contact with other person by using Kik username.

How do you find someone on Kik with just their name?

You can find the person with Kik username by typing a username in the search field at the top of the screen.

Can I hide my name on Kik?

Like Telegram or WhatsApp it is very easy to remove your display name as compared to that to Kik username.

Can I Permanently Delete my Kik Account?

Yes you can

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