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Advantages and Disadvantages of Swift App Development

Swift is a compiled programming language for creating apps for iOS, WatchOS, MacOS, TvOS, and Linux. Swift was introduced by Apple in 2014. Swift is a very powerful language for developing apps on iOS. Swift's syntax encourages programmers to produce clean, consistent code. Swift is a lot faster than python and objective c. Also, there are many swift app development companies that can help you in the work of swift development and app development.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Swift App Development

Swift language has revolutionized the iOS app development industry. It is really a very powerful programming language. The language has opened numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs to make their idea possible. Before, swift the development of the iOS app used to take a lot of time. Also, developing the app was very complicated and the app used to crash again & again.

Prior to Swift, most iOS app developments were done with Objective-C, a variant of C with extra object-oriented capabilities, but Objective-C app creation proved difficult. Thus, it can be said that the birth of swift has been a blessing for developers and also for companies that need to develop iOS applications.

Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages and the same goes with the swift programming language. In this post, we will discuss about the advantages & disadvantages of swift app development.

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Advantages of swift app development

Following are some of the major advantages of swift app development:

1. Scalability

Swift applications and projects are easily scalable. The functionalities of the swift platform can be extended whenever new features are needed. Also, you should remember that it is backed by Apple so the scalability would be amazing. You can take the services of a swift development company.

2. Enhanced performance & safety

The safety and performance of the swift programming language are much better than its competitors.  Its speed is approximately 40% more than Objective C and it has been proved. Features such as strong typing and error handling easily avoid crashes and errors. Here, developers can easily notice the errors in the code and fix them immediately. Therefore, you should choose Swift application development for building iOS applications.


3. Can be easily integrated with Objective C

If you are using Objective C then also you can add the latest features to your current Objective C project. Swift is completely compatible with Objective C. Within the same project, these can be used interchangeably. This is more beneficial for larger projects that are continually expanded and updated. 

4. Rapid development process

Swift is very easy to read & write as it has a very clean and expressive language. The language has simplified grammar and syntax. This language needs very less coding compared to its competitors. Also, there is a special feature named Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) to manage the memory usage and thus developers need not perform this task. Therefore, Swift development should be selected for your future apps or projects.

Disadvantages of swift app development

Following are the disadvantages of using swift app development:

1. Immature language

There is no doubt that the language of swift is very robust and fast but still, it is very young. There are many things and issues that need to be fixed. It has to grow still a lot and fix the issues that may arise. To get successful, one needs time whether it is a person or language. As it is immature there may be still some bugs or complications that the language and the developers using it may not have seen. And, if these complications arise in the future then there may be big confusion.

2. Limited talented pool

Swift community is very small compared to the other open-source languages. However, the demand for Swift developers is getting very fast but this again can result in the talent gap. The limited talent pool is not good for any technology, so this can be a big limitation for swift language.

3. Swift is said to be unstable

Swift is considered an unstable platform. Many developers have talked about it earlier. And, after the release of the new version in order to be updated, developers are often required to entirely rebuild the product. Xcode has helped users update their swift code to some level, but it does not cure all of the problems. An unstable language can affect the projects to a great extent, so it is one of the major disadvantages of swift language.


4. Support for older iOS versions isn't available

Swift may only be used to create apps for iPhones and iPads running iOS 7 or later. It simply means that it cannot be used on previous projects that are running on previous versions of iOS. This makes the functionality of this language very limited. Therefore, if swift want to be still better then it has to overcome this disadvantage.


In conclusion, we would like to say that every language has its own advantages and disadvantages and swift app development also falls into the same category. But, here we want to add that the way swift is doing progress and is getting popular is very amazing. Many big companies like LinkedIn, Pandora, Twitter, etc. are also showing interest in this language. And, seeing this it can be said the swift programming language is very effective and is going to be more amazing in the future. Thus, if you want to get into the iOS app or project then you must definitely use swift programming language.


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