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Why Should You Include YouTube In Your Digital Marketing Strategies?

The video social network par excellence has revolutionized the market, sheltering unique users known as YouTubers. And allowing brands to reach a much larger group of users than on other similar platforms. YouTube allows public action similar to television or cinema, but with one main advantage: it is free.

But what role can YouTube play in digital marketing strategies? Why should you include YouTube in your strategies? What can it bring you? We give you the keys to incorporate YouTube as a marketing tool in your company.


YouTube's role in digital marketing strategies

Despite being an excellent social network for digital marketing, YouTube has a peculiarity: Almost no one uses it to access advertising or commercial content. YouTube first, and Instagram later, have changed the way users access commercial content. It is no longer a direct form of consumption, but rather a much more organic, natural, and even camouflaged consumption is sought.

This is where the so-called YouTubers have perfectly understood how the video giant works. YouTube is an ideal platform to position yourself, make yourself known and reach a varied and global audience. But the YouTube viewer is not looking for the commercial, so it must be incorporated in an organic way.

What many brands have done has been to take advantage of the arrival of YouTubers, promote them and recommend the use of the advertising companies' products in their videos. It is a common strategy, but the role of YouTube cannot only focus on this direction.

Google's branding for videos requires more detailed work. Users value those users (individuals or companies) who work the content specifically for YouTube. Thus, therefore, YouTube is not a content container but must be a network that carries detailed work.

It is wrong to think that due to the success of YouTubers, usually related to the narration of beauty tips, tutorials, gameplays, or simply that they tell their life, your brand should do the same. You don't play in the same league, you don't choose the same target, and your goal is radically different. While the individual user seeks personal exposure, the brand has to seek a different positioning.


YouTube, perfect for branding

With these wickers, it is necessary to understand that YouTube is the perfect ally of your brand to, precisely, make a brand. The concept of branding should be understood as generating community, working on the perception that the user has of your company when he hears about it, etc.

The use of YouTube for digital marketing strategies should focus, on the one hand, precisely on working the brand. Something that is not achieved only by selling a product or with a profit account. It works on many occasions with more intangible elements.

The users of the 21st century, accustomed to social networks like Instagram where they can make reels, seek much more personal communication. Sometimes this communication can be unprofessional by certain standards, but it is what you work for.

Another factor that you should think about on YouTube is to analyze whether or not other companies in your sector are on YouTube. If no brand similar to yours has chosen YouTube as a channel for their marketing actions, it means that this network may not be the best. Or that no one has dared to jump into the pool, so your brand could be the pioneer.


Uses of YouTube for digital marketing strategies

By browsing YouTube, we can find many videos of very different types. As in every channel you work with, choosing the use and type of content to deal with is almost 100% of the job. For your digital marketing strategy, therefore, you must think carefully about what to do and how to do it.

We propose some uses of YouTube that you can adapt to your brand:

1.- Trailers

A trailer doesn't simply mean a movie trailer as known to most of the people. There are many kinds of trailers for like a movie, a book, a YouTube channel, etc. A trailer should be short but attractive to catch the eye balls of your potential customers.


2.- Video tutorial

Surely when browsing YouTube, you have come across a multitude of tutorials. Tutorials on all kinds of things are very common: computer programs, repairing objects, assembling elements. Users selflessly upload a small class on YouTube about what they know how to do and share it with the world.

A perfect way for your brand to position itself is for you to realize what you master. In your sector, you are a reference. Or you want to be. So sharing this reality with the world is essential. If you know how to do something, don't keep it to yourself.

Let's say that if your company has digital marketing, email marketing, or SMS marketing services, you have a perfect opportunity if you teach the world how to use your tools. Remember to accompany these videos with the advantages that the use of your materials brings. Always keep in mind that users have to choose your brand over your competition.


3.- Reports and interviews

YouTube has become a small reflection of the television of a lifetime but adapted to the new needs of communication. So do not be surprised if when working with this tool, you have to make content more suitable for television than for the internet.

The important thing when doing short reports and interviews is to select the topics well. They must be related to the topic you are dealing with. They must be benchmarks in the sector. And, most importantly, they have to provide fresh and original content.

Another important factor is that the reports and interviews are brief. The 21st-century user will not be watching an hour-long video, so the little pills triumph. Look at the YouTubers. None of them upload excessively long videos. The triumph is in providing small doses of knowledge that stand out from the rest, have quality, and allow you to build a brand image like the one you are looking for.


4.- Listings

Have you noticed that the listings surround us? YouTube is no stranger to this phenomenon that began to be forged in blogs, spread in digital newspapers, and has reached its peak with listings in videos.

There are listings of all kinds on YouTube. It is a very fast, interesting form of consumption that tells the user what to find. 10 Digital Marketing Tools is a powerful title for someone who wants to learn about digital marketing.

A problem that many brands find is not knowing how to adapt the listings to their theme. It is not essential to talk all the time about your products or brands. Everything is an excuse for users to see you and stay with your spirit. If you are a brand that is not afraid to speak well of the competition, you will earn an honest reputation that can be very beneficial.


5.- Anecdotes

But make no mistake, anecdotes and jokes are what triumph on YouTube. YouTube's language for digital marketing strategies cannot ignore this fact.

Unlike other types of digital or non-digital content, the user does not usually come to YouTube looking for thoughtful and thoughtful content. YouTube is an important redoubt of the anecdotal, the viral, and the funny. YouTube viewers look to YouTube for a form of evasion.

If your brand is dedicated to assembling bathroom taps, surely you have come across hundreds of anecdotes when visiting your clients' homes. Funny and even delusional situations could be shared with your users. The idea would be to use the joke to, for example, highlight that despite the problems that arose, your employees were there and acted while doing their job.


6.- Pure and hard promotion

But if your goal is to promote your product or service, YouTube also has a space for your brand. The video social network allows you to promote yourself both through videos and ads.

It is not the most successful form of communication for a specific target that generates rejection: Nobody wants to receive publicity when looking for other types of content. But it is a strategy as valid as any other.

Ads allow you to generate activity and improve visits. They will place your brand but to the detriment of the benefits that other types of content can bring you. Finally, it is about putting on a balance and finding what benefits you the most as a brand: whether to bombard your product or generate a message of more excellent value for the user but focused on the same product.


YouTube for digital marketing strategies, winning bet

As you have seen, YouTube is a winning bet for your brand. In addition to this, YouTube is a Google brand, so your activity on this channel will allow you to be better seen by the search engine giant. More YouTube is more Google. Everything has a positive impact.

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