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Fix Spectrum Email Not Working Issue

In every email service provider that is available in the internet world, the errors that are found in them are unavoidable. Similarly, sometimes spectrum email not working issues will be raised but we can fix it without much difficulty. Here are some ways for you to troubleshoot those problems. 

Fix Spectrum Email Not Working Issues

Reasons for My Spectrum Email Not Working:

So before we begin to troubleshoot, it is advisable to figure out the reason for the issue in our email. Now let’s see a few of the common reasons for your account not working. 

●Improper email account settings can cause issues in sending and receiving mail. 

● Login troubles can be seen when users forget their passwords or if their account has been hacked. 

● While email configuration is not accurate, you might find spectrum not working issues.

● Other issues might be due to errors in browsers, third party software can affect the smooth functioning of the mail. 

These are the most common Spectrum email problems 2021 which can be also fixed by ourselves. 

How to Fix this Issue?

Sending and Receiving Mail Issues:

Improper configuration setting:

When spectrum does not send or receive any mail that could be due to the improper configuration setting. So check if your settings are as below, if not change it as given below. 

● Username: Enter your complete spectrum email address.

● Password: In the given box, type your spectrum password. 

● SSL: This must be turned on

● Protocol: You will have to set it to IMAP.

● Incoming email server:

● Incoming email server’s port number: 993.

● Outgoing email server: This must be the same as your incoming email server, so enter in the required box.

● Port number (outgoing email server): 587

● Final step is to check the ‘requires authentication’ box or click on the yes option. 

Incorrect Receiver’s Email Address:

Check if you have entered the receiver’s email address exactly the same as theirs. If you can’t receive mail, you can ask your sender to check if they entered your email address correctly. 

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Pushed into Other Folders:

Sometimes when you unknowingly spam, block users, then you will not be getting any emails from them in your inbox. So check if there is any mail in your spam folder. 

Login Issues:

Another issue is the spectrum email login error. This might happen if we forget the login credentials or even if we do not forget it. 

Forgot the Password?

If you do not remember your password, then follow the steps given below to recover your account. 

1. Navigate to the sign-in page of the spectrum email account.

2. Then in the spectrum email login page, click on the option ‘forgot username or password’. 

3. In this step, you will have to add your basic steps like username and zip code, contact info and also the account info. 

4. After completing step 3, now enter the captcha that is visible on your screen. Once you enter the captcha correctly, hit on the next button. 

5. Then you will have to complete the on-screen instruction to reset your password successfully. Now you can access your spectrum account with the new password you have set.  

What To Do If My Account Got Hacked?

Even when you enter the correct login credentials, you will not be able to access your spectrum account. At this time, you should notice that your account has been hacked. So without any further prevention follow the method given in the ‘forgot password’ heading to reset your password. 

Once you reset your spectrum account, now your account is no longer being hacked. 

Additional Methods to Fix the Account:

Stable Internet is Needed:

Only if your device has a stable internet, your spectrum account also will work without any error. You can check the strength of your internet by running a speed test on your browser. 

Access from an Alternate Browser:

If there is any error in the browser that you are using already, then your spectrum is not going to work properly. So try using another browser; if it works there, then the issue is with your old browser. 

Remove Third-party Apps:

When you figure out that a particular third-party app is the reason for an issue in your spectrum, then disable them temporarily.  

A blog where you can find all solutions related to email issues is This will help the readers to know how to login, how to fix any issues in simple methods.  

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