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What Happens When Fashion Meets Technology??

 Here we get to know how technology is reshaping the fashion industry. There is no way wrong if we say future fashion is in the hands of technology whether in terms of latest laser technology or 3-D Designs. We are living in age of ‘insta-technology’ where social media plays an important role and users can get instant access to the latest fashion trends in one click. Top technology advancement is now days being used in fashion industry like mobile commerce, 3D printing and block chain.

Here is the list of technologies creating the future of fashion industry

Artificial Intelligence:

In order to enhance the users experience fashion industry is moving towards making use of AI that track customer journey which in turn improve shopping experience, boost sales, analyze data and forecast trends. In order to improve the customer experience shops even started using chat bots and touch screens so that they get valuable feedback from customers.

Mobile Commerce:

Mobile technology is moving towards advancement day by day either it would include Insta shopping or smart wallets. Using Smartphone for online shopping is quiet easy and smart way. E-commerce market is rising and credit also goes to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook shopping feature.

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR):

One of the most trending technologies in fashion world is Virtual reality which connects online and physical worlds of retail. Customers can try the outfits virtually as a result of which they seem to be more satisfied and likely to purchase products. 

By making use of OBSESS brands create 3D shopping experience for their valuable customers.

3D Printing:

Whether talking about industry either small or large in size are moving towards customization and produce on-demand products for their customers. Not only 3D printing is the trend of today but printing garments as per customer demand reduces the fabric waste somewhat up to 35%.


Blockchain is a record-keeping technology that counts before digital currency and bitcoin. It securely carries information of banks, carriers, customers, suppliers as well as all purchase and exchange information.

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