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The Best Reasons to Hire a Shopify SEO Agency

A Shopify SEO Agency can have a big impact on your business, both from a revenue standpoint and in terms of your brand image. If you are trying to build a successful eCommerce business, this short article will enlighten you on some of the reasons why finding the right agency is a key component. 

What is Shopify SEO?

Search engine optimization is one of those things that’s impossible to ignore. Once an obscure area of digital marketing, search engine optimization is now recognized as a massive industry and an essential element for online success.  

Your SEO largely determines the amount of traffic that your website receives. For Shopify stores, foot traffic is absolutely essential. At least if you plan on building a thriving online business anyway. 

Traffic is one of those things that you have to have. A website with no traffic is a store without customers. There’s just no way to make that scenario sustainable. However, if you don’t invest in your SEO, you’re not going to rank high enough on Google to get noticed, and your website will effectively be invisible to the public. That’s not what you want, to say the least. 

Can You Handle Your Own SEO?

A few years ago this might have worked, but now SEO is too competitive and too complicated for most in-house marketers to handle. In fact, it requires a large team of marketing professionals to manage a successful Shopify SEO campaign. This is not something any one individual can tackle alone. 

Even if you as a store owner understand SEO and have a strong grasp on Shopify, that doesn’t mean you can actually handle your own SEO. You have to consider the strategy that you are employing, the time it takes to write dozens of articles, the connections you have to establish in order to distribute them throughout the web, and the know-how that is needed to perform a slew of technical updates on a rolling basis. And that’s just the high level look. 

SEO can become extremely technical. The keyword research phase of a SEO campaign can take weeks, and then you have to formulate a content strategy around those keywords. Are you prepared to do all of this for your Shopify website? There’s a strong likelihood that you simply aren’t equipped as a business to do all of this on your own. 

Let The Professional Shopify Wizards Take Care of It

Shopify is an awesome eCommerce platform, arguably one of the best. But SEO doesn’t happen by magic, regardless of the platform. Even WordPress, which is often lauded for its SEO viability, still requires the same degree of manual work and attention as anything else that’s out there. No shortcuts here!

This is why the right Shopify SEO agency is basically a must. A team of veteran eCommerce strategists and search engine optimization experts will be able to comb through your website and work with you to develop a plan that will generate results. 

SEO is important, especially if you are managing an online store or business. To get more traffic and grow as a business, you need to take your marketing seriously and start talking to a Shopify agency that knows what they are doing. 

If this sounds like the path you want to go on, Genius eCommerce® is the team you want to talk to. They are focused on eCommerce SEO services for platforms like Shopify, and they know just how to create strategies that get results over time. Though SEO is difficult, they have mastered the art of digital marketing and deliver for their clients time and time again. 


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